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About us

A kingdom-minded business with a mission to encourage people to share the Love of God, build community, and support missions. We seek to innovate products that would encourage and equip people in their local communities to share the love of God. Telling others about what you believe is at the heart of what it means to be a believer. And yet, it's much easier said than done. We hope that this site will help you to live out your new identity in God more boldly, so that you can share your story with confidence and love.

Image by Stephanie Morales

Share God's Love

Being a believer doesn't mean you have to be perfect—you're human like the rest of us. Your life has meaning and value no matter what, and with that comes purpose. Let your light shine. Don't hide in a closet; go out there and tell the world what God has done for you.

Image by Shane Rounce

Build community

We love making new friends. One of our goals as a brand is to build community online. We were not created to do life alone so join us as we build Set Free. Love to talk? Feel free to leave us a Hi in the chatbox!

Image by Scott Trento

Support missions

Do giving and supporting a good cause excite you? It excites us and a part of our vision is to support them so we make sure 5% of our profit goes to support a mission or an NGO every month.

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